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San Diego County
Orchid Society

The San Diego County Orchid Society Welcomes You
To Our 71st Annual International Spring Show & Sale

For 70 years we have been showing and selling
the best orchids San Diego County has to offer!

Last year KPBS came to our show on Judging Day to interview many of our members and record some video. Here are the results of their visit:

Broadcast by KPBS on March 11Broadcast by KPBS on March 22

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Want to learn more about Orchids and Orchid Culture?
Saturday March 25th Sunday March 26th
Want to learn about Australian Dendrobium growing in San Diego? Tom Biggart will share his knowledge with us at 11AM on Saturday

How Orchid Conservation Works? Ron Kaufmann will discuss Orchid Conservation efforts on Saturday at 1PM.

How to Succeed with Phalaenopsis? Debby Halliday will show you how to do this Saturday at 2PM.

Want to know what do to after the blossoms drop? Join us at 3PM on Saturday as Nico Goosseens talks about reblooming orchids.

Lovely Cymbidium! Now What?? Karl Batchman will show you what to do with these elegant orchids at 11AM on Sunday.

Those elegant Cattleyas. Are you interested in growing your own?
How to make an Orchid Gift Basket? Angelic Nguyen will talk about this Sunday at 1PM.

Phyllis Prestia will talk about Cattleya Culture Sunday at 2PM.

Slipper Orchids(Paphiopedilums) are intriguing right? Join us for Paul Tuskes' discussion on growing Paphiopedilums Sunday at 3PM

We have 20 vendors from Species to Hybrids and Orchid Supplies too!
A Wide Variety of Orchids The Orchid Place sells high quality Orchids! Sales Booth 1.

A San Diego trio: Biggart, Fouquette and Osborn! In Sales Booth #3, Tom and Charlie have excellent plants while Tom sells hand made ceramics.

Huge Cattleyas! Tayama Greenhouses has been selling huge Cattleyas amoungst other things. Sales Booth #5!

A Box for a Buck! Do you need a box to carry your treasures? Visit Sales Booth #8!

Interested in a variety of Orchids? In Sales Booth #12, Tuyet's has a wide variety to choose from!

Calavo Gardens and Rex Foster Orchids! Ben Machado of Calavo Gardens stocks useful supplies. Rex Foster Orchids provides a wide selection of their own hybrid orchids. Sales Booth #14.

Do you want orchids from South America? Mundiflora in Sales Booth #16 has orchids from Ecuador.

Are You A Species Nut? Andy's Orchids in Sales Booth 18 sells only species orchids.

Support Orchid Conservation Visit the Conservation Committee's Sales Booth #21 for good deals that support our orchid conservation commitment.

Orchid themed ceramics and plants Everything Orchid in Sales Booth #24 has something you will want!

Asbell Orchids! Asbell Orchids brings us specialties from Arroyo Grande! Sales Booth 2.

Come and look at M. Pham's Orchids. M Pham brings an excellent seletion of Orchids. Sales booth #4.

Interesting and Varied! Aroma Orchids always has something that draws your attention! They are in Sales Booth #6.

Hybrid Reedstems? Amoungst other things, Cal Orchid grows interesting Reedstem Epidendrums. Take a look at Sales Booth #10!

Orchids From San Jose! We worked hard to get Orchid Design to bring their stock of wonderful orchids to San Diego. Visit them in Sales Booth #13

There's nothing wrong with being on the West Wall! Sorella Orchids is always in the thick of things with a wide variety to please your taste! Sales Booth #15.

Cymbs and Zygos! Casa de las Orquideas has the best Cymbidiums and Zygopetalums in the County. Sales Booth #17. Check them out!

What can I say? Divine Orchids is simply Divine right? Sales Booth #19!

SDCOS Member Sales Our members bring in their very best orchids. Sales Booth #23

Sunset Valley Orchids! Sales Booth #25 houses the best selection of hybrid Catasetums, dainty mini-Cattleyas and Dendrobium speciosum hybrids!

Our Show is open Friday March 24th through Sunday March 26th.
Our hours are: Friday 3PM to 7PM, Saturday 9AM to 6PM, and Sunday 10AM to 4PM

Tickets are available at the door but we've made it easy for you to buy tickets online! Click the Eventbrite ticket button to purchase tickets!
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