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SDCOS Summer Show  
Ribbons and Trophys

Summer Show In The Park 2012 Awards Photos

Best in Show
Encyclia Cynthia 'Darkest Pleasure' grown by Billy Baker
Forrest Robinson Cultural Award
Brassavola cuculata grown by Charlie Fouquette
Section 1: Standard Cymbidium Hybrids
No Entries
Section 2: Cymbidium Miniature Hybrids
Cymb Little Black Sambo 'Black Magic' grown by Edith and Leno Galvan
Section 3: Cymbidium Pendulous Hybrids
No Entries
Section 4: Standard Cattleya Hybrid
Lc Angel Heart 'Hihimanu'
Section 5: Compact Cattleya Hybrid
Slc. Tropical Star grown by Bob Clark
Section 6: Miniature Cattleya Hybrid
No Entries
Section 7: Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium
Paph. William Trelease grown by Charlie Fouquette
Section 8: Phalaenopsis & Doritanopsis
Phal. Sogo Yukidan grown by Nico Goossens
Section 9: Oncidium Alliance
Oncidium Alosuka grown by Renate Schmidt
Section 10: Other Genera Hybrids
Encyclia Cynthia 'Darkest Pleasures' by Billy Baker
Section 11: Specimen Plant
Cattleya Valentine 'Billys Blue' grown by Billy Baker
Section 12: Species
Bulb. makoyanum grown by Nico Goossens