Annual International Spring Show

Because of the Novel Corona Virus pandemic, our Annual International Spring Show & Sale was cancelled. We invite everyone to send photos of their orchids to so they can be displayed on this page. This page will be updated as more photos are received by the webmaster. We may not be able to host a show but that will not stop us from sharing our favorite orchids!
Photos are collected into groups of up to 30 photos. Each group contains the photos sent by a grower. Open a group by picking the 'accordion' bar. Then pick a photo to load it into the 'lightbox' viewer. The rest of the images in that group will be available without leaving the viewer. Enjoy!

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Pam, Vince, Debby, and Victor
Pam Peters
Vince Gonsowski
Debby Halliday
Victor Storz
Jack, Bruce & Carol, Betty, David and Jeffrey
Jack Schaefer
Bruce & Carol Berg
Betty Kelepecz
David Mays
Jeffrey Rakoff
Arny, Anita & Jerry, and Scott
Arny Gum
Anita & Jerry Spencer
Scott McGregor
Carey, Debbie, Phyllis, Jack Li, Yesenia, and Thomas
Carey McCoy
Debbie Feuerborn
Phyllis Prestia
Jack Li
Yesenia English
Thomas Hoyle