Winter Show In The Park 2019 Awards Photos

James & Lise Wright Trophy for Best of Show
Dendrobium Hilda Poxon by Tom Biggart
Forrest Robinson Cultural Award
Dendrobium Hilda Poxon by Tom Biggart
People’s Choice
Cattleya Drumbeat by Bruce Berg
People’s Choice Runner Up (only 2 votes separated them)
Ascda. Kulwadee Frangrance #27 by Ken Campbell
Section 1: Standard Cymbidium Hybrids
Cym. Red Beauty 'Evening Star' by Anita & Jerry Spencer
Section 2: Cymbidium Miniature Hybrids
Cymbidium Pink Hybrid by Debby Halliday
Section 3: Cymbidium Pendulous Hybrids
Cym. Nella 'Baby Doll Falls' by Mary Jane Ning
Section 4: Cattleya Alliance Standard
Laelia Splendid King 'Bonnie Lass' by Tom Biggart
Section 5: Cattleya Alliance Compact
Bc. Maikai 'Mayumi' by Bruce Berg
Section 6: Cattleya Alliance Miniature Cattleya
Not Awarded
Section 7: Paphiopedilum Hybrids
Paphiopedilum Paph. Motoo Kimura by Betty Kelepecz
Section 8: Phragmipedium Hybrids
Not Awarded
Section 9: Oncidium Allianace Hybrids
Tolumnia Pretty in Pink by Debby Halliday
Section 10: Dendrobium Hybrids
Den. Avril's Gold 'Ray' by Felisa Aantilado
Section 11: Vandaeous Alliance
Ascocenda Kulwadee Fragrance No. 27 by Ken Campbell
Section 12: Hybrids of Other Genera
Eplc. Volcano Trick 'Fireball' by Anita & Jerry Spencer
Section 13: Phalaenopsis Alliace
Phalaenopsis Princess Diana by Felisa Acantilado
Section 14: Specimen Plants
Dendrobium Hilda Poxon by Tom Biggart
Section 15: Species over 6“ tall
Maxillaria sanguinea by Debby Halliday
Section 16: Species under 6“ tall
Dinema polybulbon by Debby Halliday
Section 17: Displays
Tree with Species Plants by Bill Loy