Winter Show In The Park 2023 Awards Photos

James & Lise Wright Award for Best of Show
Angraecum sesquipedale'Star Shine' FCC/AOS by Debby Halliday
Forrest Robinson Cultural Award
Dendrobium Hilda Poxon by Tom Biggart
Siv Garrod Award for Most Unusual Species
Bulbophyllum treshii 'Daddy Long Legs'CCM, AM/AOS by Debby Halliday
People’s Choice Award
Dendrobium Samurai by Debby Halliday
Section 1: Standard Cymbidium Hybrids
Cym. Hybrid by Jaclyn Young
Section 2: Cymbidium Miniature Hybrids
Cym. Snow Court 'Cathy' by Alex Nadzen
Section 3: Cymbidium Pendulous Hybrids
Cym. Dr. Len 'Geyserland' by Anita & Jerry Spencer
Section 4: Cattleya Alliance Standard
Lc. Hsin Buu Lady 'JY' by Betty Kelepecz
Section 5: Cattleya Alliance Compact
Slc. Golden Wax x Sophronitis cernua by Tom Biggart
Section 6: Cattleya Alliance Miniature Cattleya
Slc. Mini Fantasy by Tom Biggart
Section 7: Paphiopedilum Hybrids
Paph. Hung Sheng Spice by Debby Halliday
Section 8: Phragmipedium Hybrids
Phrag. Jason Fischer by Debby Halliday
Section 9: Oncidium Allianace Hybrids
Oncostele Midnight Miracles by Pam Peters
Section 10: Dendrobium Hybrids
Den. Samurai by Debby Halliday
Section 11: Vandaeous Alliance
Vanda Chulita by Debby Halliday
Section 12: Hybrids of Other Genera
Lysudamuloa Red Jewel 'Hilo Girl' by Jaclyn Young
Section 13: Phalaenopsis Alliance
Phalaenopsis Jiuhbao Graphic 'Rainbow Tattoo' by Alan Castillo
Section 14A: Specimen Plants - Species
Angraecum sesquipedale 'Star Shine' FCC/AOS by Debby Halliday  
Section 14: Specimen Plants - Hybrid
Dendrobium Hilda Poxon by Tom Biggart  
Section 15: Large Species - Angraecum through Masdevallia
Dendrochilum cootesii by Debby Halliday
Section 16: Large Species - Maxillaria through Zygopetalum
Pleurothallid truncata by Betty Kelepecz
Section 17: Small Species - Angraecum through Masdevallia
Dendrobium vexillarius v. microblepharum by Dave Rimlinger
Section 18: Small Species - Maxillaria through Zygopetalum
Oncidium onustrum by Tom Biggart
Section 19: Small Displays 4’ by 4’ or less
Terrarium with Jewel Orchids by Julia Chimento
Section 20: Large Displays 6’ by 4’ or greater
No Entries
Section 21: Vendor Displays 6’ by 4’ or greater
No Entries