San Diego County Orchid Society


Our Board of Directors

The SDCOS has a 9-person Board of Directors that governs society affairs. The BOD meets every first Thursday of the month. The meetings are no longer held in person in Room 104 in the Casa del Prado, Balboa Park, but rather virtually by Zoom. The meetings are open to members – if you wish to attend please email the President to obtain an invitation.

David Vandenbroek


I live in east Mission Valley and grow mostly species orchids outside and in terrariums. I have a special fondness for Neofinetia falcata, as you might’ve seen in last edition’s newsletter article which featured my journey to Japan to see them. Many of my orchids are small since I have ~60 sqft of usable growing space… But it’s amazing how many orchids you can fit in there!

I’ve been on the SDCOS Board of Directors since 2019 as Secretary and 1st VP and have been making this newsletter for the last 5 years.

I’ve been grateful for the help and support of the SDCOS members so far and am looking forward to serving the society as President for this next term.

David is also the Newsletter editor and Species Group Organizer.

I can be reached at

Ashley Grable

1st Vice President

I have been growing orchids since 2016, when I received a Phalaenopsis I resolved to keep alive. In researching orchid care, I was fascinated to learn about the many types of orchids, each with its own cultural requirements. I enjoy growing a variety of species and hybrids, as well as experimenting with different growing setups, including semi-hydroponic media. I have served as Second VP since 2021, and I’m delighted to step into this new role.

I can be reached at

Nate La Breche

2nd Vice President

I joined the SDCOS in February this year. I moved to San Diego five years ago but did not get into orchids until late last year. I started with a few unlabeled Phalaenopsis hybrids from Home Depot and quickly became obsessed due to the life and color they brought to my apartment. I now grow a variety of orchid species and hybrids inside because my small patio receives little sunlight. The photo shows a Bulbophyllum salmoneum that I mounted to a cork oak slab. I enjoy orchids for the diverse array of foliage and flowers they offer. There is something to suit virtually everyone’s tastes.

As Second Vice President for the upcoming term, I look forward to organizing the culture class and plant forum that occur each meeting.

I can be reached at

Stewart Walton


I grow orchids and other plants in Leucadia, a mile from the beach. I took a major step up 2years ago when I completed a real greenhouse, and discovered I still needed an outside growing area. I grow both hybrids and species, and have a particular affection for Cattleyas and Laelias. I use rainwater collected off my house, the greenhouse, and a shed. I served on the boards of both San Diego County Orchid Society and Palomar Orchid Society.

I can be reached at

Sima Perkins


I have been a passionate orchid grower for 20 years. I specialize in Cattleyas and Cymbidiums.  I feel very privileged to serve on the SDCOS board for the last 3 years. 

I can be reached at

Carey McCoy


My life long love of orchids started with visits to Ridgeway Orchids greenhouses during elementary school, Cymbidium orchid corsages from my beloved Grandfather, a cascade of white Phalaenopsis for our wedding, and marrying the owner of an orchid greenhouse.  My front room and breakfast room grace 40 orchid plants.

I retired from teaching 35 years and joined SDCOS.  I am a member of the award winning display team for the San Diego County Fair  and other venues.  

I have literally and figuratively served on the SDCOS Board of Directors over a decade.

I can be reached at

Debby Halliday

Past President

I was president of the SDCOS from 2020 – 2023.  I currently remain on the board as Past President and serve as Show Chairman for our four yearly orchid shows.  I am retired and live in Rancho Santa Fe where I grow orchids in a 20 x 40 ft greenhouse with attached shade house.  I specialize in diversity with over 30 genera represented in my collection of around 700 species and hybrid orchids.   I started growing orchids with my late husband in 1970 and have grown them off and on ever since.  My current collection dates to 2010.  I enjoy helping people get better at growing orchids and regularly lecture at local garden clubs and all of our shows.  Orchids are what I do.

I can be reached at

Myra de Tate


I bought my first Orchid in 1972, a paphiopedilum, from Clark Day Orchids in Cypress, CA. I joined SDCOS in 2013 for the education & conservation missions I found on the website. The society has provided much more. I thank all of the members who have helped me with their knowledge & friendship.

I can be reached at

Maria Gray


Although I don’t have much of a green thumb, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of growing orchids for many years.  I started with mostly miniature intermediate temperature growers, such as Masdevallia and Pleurothallis, and more recently, warm growing, humidity loving  Vandas. It’s a challenge keeping them healthy in our dry climate, but the opportunities for learning how to care for these fascinating plants is one of the rewards of keeping orchids for me.  I’m grateful to the SDCOS for providing so many opportunities to learn from wonderful, successful growers, and am always amazed (and a little intimidated), by the beauty, health and variety of the plants at the monthly plant forums and at the shows.  I’m looking forward to serving as Secretary for the coming year, and to continuing to learn about orchids. 

I can be reached at